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How big is the toxicity of pesticides?

具体要注意:要尽量节制使用杀虫剂,可不用时尽量不用;尽量减少同杀虫剂接触,不要在施 了药的房子里逗留,施药后立即离开,一个半小时后待打开门窗充分通风排气之后才进入。

We should pay attention to the following aspects: we should try to control the use of insecticides, but not as much as possible, minimize the contact with pesticides, stay in the drug house, leave immediately after the application, and enter the door after 1.5 hours.

对大脑发育还未完善的婴幼儿和儿童,不要接触任何杀虫剂,以免对大脑发育造 成不良影响。

For infants and children whose brain is not well developed, do not contact any insecticide, so as to avoid adverse effects on the development of the brain.

在厨房使用杀虫剂要加倍小心,切勿污染食品和用具等。 施用杀虫剂后要沐浴,并换衣服。 此外,在购买杀虫剂时要多留一个心眼:不购买未标明杀虫有效成分的杀虫药剂。 在化学杀虫剂中,公认拟除虫菊酯类杀虫剂比较安全,而有机氯类、有机磷类和氨基甲酸 酯类的安全性比前者差;在林林总总的拟除虫菊酯类杀虫剂中,其安全性亦有差异,一 般以氯菊酯、胺菊酯、丙烯菊酯和溴氰菊酯更为安全。不要购买已经明令禁止使用的杀虫商品。明令禁止使用的杀虫剂有灭蚁灵、滴滴涕 毒杀芬、氯丹、七氯、狄氏剂、异狄剂和艾氏剂等;杀鼠剂有氟乙酰胺、鼠立死、毒鼠 硅和氟乙酸钠等。对于进入我国市场的外国杀虫商品也要进行认真考察,不要轻信外国货比中国货好的神话。 只有科学使用杀虫剂,才能将杀虫剂的毒副作用降至最低。

The use of pesticides in the kitchen should be more careful, do not pollute food and equipment and so on. Use the insecticide to bathe and change clothes. In addition, keep one more eye on the purchase of pesticides: do not buy insecticides that do not indicate the effective ingredients of the insecticides. In chemical pesticides, pyrethroid insecticides recognized relatively safe, and the safety of organochlorine, organophosphate and carbamate than the former; in the numerous pyrethroid insecticides, its safety there are differences in general to permethrin, chrysanthemum ester amine, propylene permethrin and deltamethrin more safety. Do not buy insecticide products that are already banned. 明令禁止使用的杀虫剂有灭蚁灵、滴滴涕 毒杀芬、氯丹、七氯、狄氏剂、异狄剂和艾氏剂等;杀鼠剂有氟乙酰胺、鼠立死、毒鼠 硅和氟乙酸钠等。 The foreign insecticidal goods that enter the market of our country should also be carefully inspecting, and do not trust the myth that foreign goods are better than Chinese goods. Only by scientific use of pesticides can the side effects of insecticides be minimized.

杀虫剂对人的毒性有急性和慢性两种性质。杀虫剂的急性毒性分为特剧毒、剧毒、 中等毒、低毒和微毒五个级别。即使是微毒级杀虫剂,对人畜毒性也不小,而剧毒级杀 虫剂的毒性就更厉害了。杀虫剂对人的慢性毒性是由致癌、致畸等一系列生物实验来综 合评价的。杀虫剂慢性毒性对人的影响更为深远、复杂。因此,不要以为不发生头晕、 呕吐等急性中毒就万事大吉,杀虫剂对人体的影响有的要经过一段很长时间才会显露出来。

The toxicity of pesticides to human beings has two characteristics of acute and chronic. The acute toxicity of insecticides is divided into five levels, especially toxic, toxic, medium, low and microtoxic. Even as a micro - toxic insecticide, it is not very toxic to humans and animals, but the toxicity of highly toxic grade insecticides is more severe. The chronic toxicity of pesticides to human is evaluated by a series of biological experiments, such as carcinogenesis and teratogenesis. The chronic toxicity of insecticides is more far-reaching and complex. Don't think so, not poisoning dizziness, vomiting and other Everything will be fine., effects of insecticides on the human body have a long time before revealed.

一般杀虫剂不仅其杀虫成分对人体有毒,而且辅助成分对人体也有毒。以目前家庭普遍使用的各种气雾杀虫剂、灭蚊片、蚊香和灭蟑片等产品为例,它们大都是 采用一种目前公认较安全的溴氰菊酯作为杀虫有效成分。然而,最近环境毒理学有关专 家实验证实,它对肌体神经系统存有毒性。长期接触,即使是低剂量,也会引神经麻 痹、感觉神经异常及头晕、头痛等神经症状。而那些属于有机磷类、有机氯类氨基甲 酸酯类的杀虫成分,对人体的毒性就更大了。 不仅如此,杀虫气雾剂、杀虫油等,一般采用毒性很大的苯及其同系物作溶剂, 长期接触会损害造血系统,有临床告表明,这些溶剂有诱发白血病和骨髓抑制的潜在 危险,特别是小孩。因此,在灭蚊杀虫时,要把安全放在首位。

The general insecticide is not only toxic to the human body, but also toxic to the human body. With all kinds of aerosol insecticide, currently widely used family of mosquito control, mosquito repellent incense and mosquitocide tablets and other products for example, most of them are using a currently accepted deltamethrin safer as effective pesticidal component. However, recent environmental toxicology experts have proved that it is toxic to the nervous system of the body. Long-term contact, even low dose, can also lead to nerve paralysis, sensory nerve abnormalities and dizziness, headache and other neurological symptoms. And those belonging to the organophosphorus and organochlorine carbamate insecticides are more toxic to the human body. Not only that, insecticidal aerosol, insecticidal oil and so on, usually use highly toxic benzene and its homologues as solvents, long-term exposure will damage the hematopoietic system. Clinical reports indicate that these solvents have potential risks of leukemia and myelosuppression, especially for children. Therefore, the mosquito insecticide, to safety in the first place.


Guizhou insecticide reminding the pesticide how long it can go in


Both indoor and outdoor insecticides can't be approached after spraying drugs, because the drug remains about 6 hours later.


Suggestion: if the office workers do indoor insecticide, they can kill insects before they go to work in the morning, and they can live after work. If the outdoor insecticide is the best, they should choose the morning, because the traffic volume is relatively small at this time.


Why don't you go in immediately after spraying the insecticide


Insecticides are generally foggy. In the process of spraying and volatilization, slowly floating in the air will not disperse for a long time. At this time, if people breathe in the room, the air containing insecticide will be very harmful to the body. So after spraying the insecticide, it can't go in immediately.


Why the insect is in a mess after spraying the insecticide


When the insecticide is sprayed, the indoor air is scattered with the molecular particles of the insecticide, and the insect is exposed to the insecticide through the air. When pesticides slowly enter the central nervous system of pests, they will suddenly become excited and excited. They will go all around and fly in disorder. After that, the agents will start to play a role. So, when the insecticide was sprayed, the strung of the insects showed that the insecticide began to play a role.




Pay attention to cleaning and finishing after spraying insecticides. Especially families with children at home must pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Children like to walk around and easily get rid of pesticide residues. Therefore, family health should be done on the same day after spraying insecticides. The Guizhou insecticide company is here today.





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